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fishing in Killarney

Fishing in Killarney Ireland 

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Mike (The King) O'Brien
I.F.S.A. Fishing Instructor

Mike O'Brien
Co Kerry

353 (0)87 1229352
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Rainbow Trout Fishing Trips in Killarney

Trout fishing in Killarney at Barfinnihy Lake with Anglers Paradise Fishing Guide.
by M. Melitnish
Free-lance Fishing Reporter.

Hill Loch fishing usually means a long trek. Often up the side of a mountain to a peaty barren little water rarely able to support anything over a few ounces.  There are of course exceptions to this rule, some hill lochs do produce some large fish, mostly brownies, but just occasionally you come across lochs that can support a higher weight of fish, rarely do you find those that produce big browns and rainbow. On a recent trout fishing trip to Kerry our guide Mike O' Brien from Anglers Paradise Fishing Guides Killarney took me to one of his favorite lochs - Barfinnihy Lake just outside Killarney. At first glance Barfinnihy looks like any other hill loch, but it is very different it not only holds a good stock of native brown trout it also holds some very big rainbows.

Managed by the Southwestern Regional Fisheries Board, it is regularly stocked with adult rainbows that obviously start to feed very soon on the small rudd that also abound. Season from 1st June - 30th. September. Barfinnihy is 35 acres and fishable from all of its shore . The hotspot seems to be the boulders close to this weedy corner on the northern shore.

Knowing this loch contained rainbows I would have been happy to use our own stillwater tactics, a single fly or lure, but 'when in Rome......' . The cast guide Mike put up trout fishing trip was horrifying, a point and three droppers made up on 6lb line armed with a mixture of traditional rainbow and brownie flies such as Silver Jungle Cock - one of Mikes favorites - Marha Lodge, Black and Red Alexandri and dirty great muddlers!. trout fishing killarney description of image}Needless to mention this lot was very effective, Mike's thinking being that when this lot lands on the surface the fish think a hatch has started !!! . Seriously, the muddler acts as a main attractor bringing the fish up to choose between the rest. Within minutes Mike and I were into fish, 'stockie' sized but hard fighting, funny finned little rainbows that are very unlike those in our own waters. Small browns begun to rise and we had a hectic few hours before the strong wind blowing from our right made casting dangerous, not only because you were in danger of hitting yourself but if you were on Mike's right as I was, his method of beating a side wind by casting low and well away from himself came very close to anyone on his right !

Moving to the southern bank, I found a nice sheltered point and quickly took a couple of bright brownies on a dry daddy, once you take a fish or two of these wild brownies you have to move on or rest the water. You cannot just stand there and flog away as is the norm on UK stillwaters, these wild fish spook easily and very quickly move out of range. These wild brownies really test your reactions, being used to competing for a meagre food supply they are fast takers - very fast! Mike explained that it is no use striking when you feel the tug, thats too late as I found out "YOU HAVE TO STRIKE WHEN YOU SEE THE BOIL" quipped Mike as he was into yet another brownie. Then came a much larger swirl and Mike was into a much bigger fish well over 4lb, but it threw the hook in a welter of spray after a few seconds. Don't be fooled by its rather barren looks, Barfinnihy lake holds some very big fish to 17lbs, Mike has them to high doubles on a regular basis and the snaps to prove it.

Remember strike at any sign of disturbance at the end of your leader or its too late! These hill lochs can be very windy so you may have to come up to a 6 or even 8 line in windy conditions but when calmer ultra light tackle will get you more rises. Well there we are, three lovely little hill lochs all within half a mile of each other two of which do not require a permit , one at €15 a day can't be bad can it - of course Mike's fee is extra, and we have not even scratched the surface of loch fishing in Kerry yet - but thats another story!

Barfinnihy Lake

Barfinnihy Lake
35 ac lake, rainbow and brown trout, all fishable